Judith & Zac /The Springs/ Katy, Texas


Where do I begin?

I had a 6month engagement season..and my close grandpa was in bed for all the time, and he passed Dec 3, and my wedding took place on Dec 29. I would take care of him and take him to his appts and I was the one with him in the hospital all the time. So, I did not book early enough with the other make up artist I had picked before getting engaged..but 3 weeks before the wedding around my grandpa's last week, I was in the hospital on my phone desperately looking for a makeup artist and getting wedding stuff done (last minute). I was so afraid because other makeup artists were booked and I was very nervous that I would be stuck with one that was not going to be a match for me. After getting denied so many times because all mua were booked in Houston and Cypress/Katy area. I asked my grandpa to pray for something wonderful to happen, and he said to look for "the best" makeup artist. Nevertheless, I did search on google for "best makeup artist in Cypress". And Angela Karr was the first option! It was a miracle!!! As soon as I found her I looked at her website falling in love with her makeup and hair dos. I send her an email as soon as I could. That same day, she was the first person to email me back with affordable quotes for makeup and hair. I seriously love her! Literally her name describes her, she is an Angel! To my surprise the day I went to get my makeup and hair done for my rehearsal dinner (which I recommend) that way she can get your airbrush match for the next day(wedding) all set and obviously spend more time with her. She is awesome!! To my surprise she was not even 10 minutes away from where I lived in Cypress. I came in to the studio, and even before I sat down, I knew I was in good hands. I don't know how long I was there the first time probably like 2-3? I don't remember but time went by so fast and she was so easy to talk to and work with. Her energy and her beautiful talent of just knowing when to stop after working on you, she can tell very well, if you are doubting or just nervous but she keeps working until she knows you look your best!!! I loved my makeup, everyone asked and I was proudly saying her name and even (bragged that Angela had done Simone Biles hair and makeup too) and even mentioned her in my rehearsal dinner toast too. At that moment, I had shared how nervous and sad I was for not having my grandpa at the wedding and she was so supportive and very encouraging. I miss her! Seriously don't look further just BOOK HER NOW!!! You are doing yourself a favor!! So, to wrap this long essay...(sorry Angela..but seriously YOU ARE AMAZING!!!).. for my wedding, she made me look like me, not fake, but just made my "beauty" per se, she brought out my beauty and inner self out with the perfect makeup and hair. She used these amazing eyelashes that looked totally hot and looked like mine but yet sexy long. Not the ugly fake eyelashes that are glued together. Nope not those. She made me look like seriously a celebrity. I have lots of acne and acne scars and with her amazing light hand and talent she made me look beautiful..flawless skin.. but enough to make me look flawless.. haha and the airbrush makeup did not stain my groom's tux and stayed all day...everyone thought that all her work on me look so natural yet flawless and perfect. I truly feel honored and blessed to have had her as my mua for my special day. She made it memorable and very special with her laugh and contagious peaceful heart. <3